Central NY Injury Lawyer: Bus Crack Down Will Avoid More NY Bus Crashes.

The Syracuse Post Standard reports that, after the fatal series of New York bus accidents this year (see my prior blog posts below), New York State troopers, and Department of Transportation officials, started cracking down on bus safety violations using, as a weapon of choice, surprise roadside inspections. The result? 530 bus drivers and 460 non-compliant buses have been removed from our roads for safety violations. Twenty two buses were inspected within Onondaga County alone, of which three were removed. Two of these were Greyhound buses.

What kind of violations are we talking about? Minor things? Hell no. How about one bus with 20 percent of its brakes out of adjustment. Or a driver failing to keep a week’s worth of driving records (these are required to show that the driver has taken legally mandated “times off” from driving, which avoids the risk falling asleep at the wheel).

Does this kind of law enforcement work? You bet. The crackdown costs the bus industry money. It becomes cheaper for them to simply comply with the safety rules. It no longer “pays” to cut safety corners. And you and your family are safer. Which of course means that New York motor vehicle accident lawyers like me get fewer bus accident cases, which is absolutely fine with me, thank you.

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Keep safe!

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