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Yesterday the sun peeked out from its cloudy winter hide-away, prompting me to go for a noon-time run in shorts and a t-shirt. Alas, today winter blasted back, closed our local schools, and kept me at home working from my computer. For my workout today I donned my cross-country skis and traipsed through some nearby woods.

But yesterday got my mind on spring. My daily workout will soon include bicycling. In the good weather, I try to put in at least 150 miles a week on my road bike.

I have a steady companion when I am out on the roads on my bike; fear. Why fear? Because I am a New York bike accident lawyer. Because many of my clients lives have been destroyed by a car or truck. Because one of my cousins was killed on bike last year. And because I personally have had some close calls.

I try to do everything as safe as I can out there, including using blinking lights on the front and back of my bike even during my daytime rides.

The biggest problem for us road-bikers is that cars don’t see or hear us. But there may be good news for me and other bike enthusiasts, as can be seen in this New York Times article titled “Gadgets to Boost Bike Safety“.

Here is a summary of the new bicycle safety gadgets the article discusses:

• A small lightweight bicycle horn that emits the full volume and sound of a car horn. Watch and hear it work here!

• A new sophisticated bicycle lighting system that reacts to surrounding light levels and movement. For example, if the cyclist swerves or brakes, the lights flash in a pattern similar to those on an ambulance or a police car. Watch it here!

• An inflatable neck scarf — called a Hovding — that inflates and transforms into a helmet – like an airbag for the head — when it detects an impact or that you are falling. Watch it here!

This is all cool stuff. It makes road-biking a lot safer. But still, the safest thing you can do is follow the rules of the road and be on the lookout for those pesky vehicles. Never, ever assume any of them see you.

Keep safe!

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