CNY Injury Lawyer Celebrates Winter in the Finger Lakes

Last night my wife Alejandra and I attended the Geneva YMCA’s fundraiser, the “Frost Fest”, at Three Brothers Winery right along the eastern shores of Seneca Lake.  Here is a photo of us sitting on the ice thrown:

Yes, lots of beautiful ice carvings.  And lots of other great stuff to see and do.  Local wine, beer and restaurant tastings and to top it all off a huge fireworks display.

And notice the beautiful moon-lit evening:

Cloudy, but the moon kept poking through to shine its warm glow on our festival.

I had never seen fireworks in February.  What a great idea for blasting past the mid-winter blues and celebrating winter in the Finger Lakes!

I am proud to be on the Geneva Y’s board.  We are in the midst of a $4 million capital campaign to improve and expand our facility.  We have already raised 2.75 million dollars! Click here to donate the last $1.25 million! 🙂

I am also so proud of my law firm.  Notice the “Michaels Bersani Kalabanka” logo carved into the ice wall along with all the other sponsors of the event:

Yes, we represent injured victims throughout Central New York, helping them get financially back up on their feet, but we also help keep many of our local charity and not-for-profit groups on solid financial footing.  My amazing firm supports so many of our local not-for-profit treasures, including the Owasco’s Merry-Go-Round Theater, both local YMCA’s (Auburn and Geneva), many local sports teams, Auburn’s SPCA, and St. Matthew’s hospice care, just to name just a few.

Keep safe (and warm)!

Mike Bersani

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