Are Winter Car Accidents The Drivers’ Or God’s Fault? Central NY Car Accident Lawyer Explains.

I just read about a spectacular rollover crash on Interstate 690 in Geddes, NY (near Syracuse) a few hours ago. Fortunately, there were only minor injuries.

I don’t usually blog about local accidents, but I did want to make folks aware that – even though the heavy snow we have been getting is partially to blame for this kind of car accident, New York car accident lawyers routinely bring these kinds of claims successfully against the drivers of the out-of-control vehicles. Yes, insurance defense lawyers often raise the “act of God” defense to weather related accidents. But that defense usually works only where the driver is totally blameless, which is hardly ever the case.

Always remember that you, as the driver, have an absolute duty to your passengers and to other motorists or pedestrians to KEEP CONTROL OF YOUR VEHICLE. Usually, “the road was real icy” or “I hit a snowy patch” are not valid excuses in Court. The only exception usually is where there was no ice or snow anywhere on the roadway before you hit a patch. If you already know there is snow and ice on some areas of the roadway, you have a duty to drive at a speed and in a manner that allows you to control your car even given those conditions.

Almost nothing is harder to live with than causing the death of a loved one – your passenger – because you did not drive at a prudent speed for the conditions. Please drive carefully!

Keep safe!

Mike Bersani
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