Does Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid Have A Products Liability Claim?

It’s all over the news: Seventy-four year old Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid’s power workout “backfired” on him. Literally.

In a freak accident
, the senator was using an “elastic exercise band” to do some kind of exercise in his bathroom, with the band attached somehow to his shower door. As he “flexed”, the band “snapped” and sent him flying across his bathroom floor where his face met some cabinets. He suffered such severe facial injuries that he risks losing the sight in one eye. He also broke a number of bones around his right eye and four ribs. See photo!


Moreover, huh???!!!

I am an inveterate exerciser myself, but I am having trouble figuring out what kind of exercise Harry Reid was performing when he managed to turn himself into a human slingshot at that kind of velocity!

What “band” was he using? Was it nuclear powered? And did the band actually break, or did the Senator simply not attach it correctly to the shower door? Or did the shower door fail? Was he following the manufacturer’s instructions, or was he “winging” it (literally)? Did a manufacturing or design defect cause the product to break? Harry, tell us more! Without knowing exactly how this bizarre accident happened, or what kind of band he was using, it is hard to know whether he has a products liability claim against the band manufacturer.

Apparently, how Reid turned his body into a speeding bullet will remain a mystery. Although small pieces of the story keep dribbling out (he recently told a radio show he was using the second-strongest band there is — a gray color band) the whole story — like a steamy bathroom — is clouded in mystery.

I am tempted to repeat the jokes I read in the Daily Beast — about Reid enduring the “slings and arrows of politics”, or about him attempting to “bounce back” from his injury, but I will refrain.

Oops, I didn’t.

Seriously, accidents aren’t funny! Be careful out there!

Keep safe!

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