U.S. Tort Reformers Want Us To Follow Japan’s Example On Compensating Innocent People Injured By Corporate Negligence

Warning: I am going to rail against tort reform again. Not the first time. Since it is my job as a Central and Syracuse New York personal injury lawyer to protect injured victims’ rights to full compensation, you can bet I am vehemently opposed to “tort reform”, which I call “tort deform”. So here goes my latest rant:

Don’t like American tort law? Think juries are too generous to injured plaintiffs? Then you should move to Japan where they know how to deal with people whose lives are ruined by the negligence of rich corporations.

Case in point: The operator of Japan’s nuclear plant, which has been spewing radioactivity since the earthquake and tsunami struck, said Friday it would pay $12,000 to each family forced to evacuate the area. Nearly 140,000 people are living in shelters. They left with almost nothing but the clothes on their back. These people not only lost their homes, but their livelihoods — they can’t return to their jobs because of the radiation threat. And for that, hey, $12,000, per family.

The nuclear plant operator claims that there will be more compensation later, but you can bet it won’t be much.

Who should pay the damages caused by the poor planning of an energy plant? Those who poorly planned it, or innocent people who happen to live next to it? If you think the innocent neighbors should pay, you should join the tort reform movement. If you think the negligent corporation should pay, you should be grateful you live in the good ol’ USA where, at least in most states, a vigorous tort compensation system still protects your rights.

Keep safe!

Mike Bersani
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