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Swimming pool season is almost here, which means lots of fun and relaxation for many New Yorkers who will finally get to “take in some rays” on the pool deck after an especially long, cold and snowy winter.

But today I had a grisly reminder of the dangers that lurk in pool areas. Two toddlers were pulled from a swimming pool at a Buffalo home on Easter Sunday. One of the boys, only 2 years old, somehow got under the pool’s solar cover. He was unresponsive when they pulled him from the water and is now in critical condition at Woman and Children’s Hospital. The other boy fared better — he was found on top of the pool cover and is in good condition. The boys were at a family Easter gathering at the home. Let’s hope and pray that the boy in critical condition makes a miraculous, full recovery.

As a parent, reading news stories like this one reminds me of all the nightmares I have ever had about something terrible befalling one of my children because, perhaps for only a second, I was distracted. I once I lost a 3-year old in Kennedy Airport! Fortunately, I found him after what seemed like an eternity, but probably was more like 2 minutes.

For some unfortunate parents, my nightmares are their realities. Last year I blogged about a New York wrongful death case I handled involving a three-year old toddler struck and killed by a car after he had wandered off from his father, who was distracted with an even smaller child.

Let’s face it; the world is a dangerous place, but especially for toddlers, and pool areas are right up at the top of the most-dangerous-place-for-toddler list.

Keep that in mind parents.

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