Central NY Injury Lawyer Blog Gets Inquiries From Near And Far

You might find this hard to believe, but my Central New York injury law blog attracts responses and inquiries not just locally, but from afar, too. From how far? Well, for example, in just the last few weeks, I have been contacted by readers in the Philippines, California and Canada, about family members who were injured or killed here in New York State. I have even heard from Europe a few times.

Yes, I receive lots of emails, both from far and near, many asking me to represent them in a New York personal injury, medical malpractice, or personal injury matter. Unfortunately, I can’t take all those cases. In many cases, after exploring the facts with my new “pen pal”, I learn that the case is weak, or that the injury is too minor to make a lawsuit financially viable. But in every case, I try to give my new friend something for his or her trouble in writing me — at the very least a good explanation as to why I think their case is not worth pursuing. And often, they thank me for that.

And by the way, the very first thing I always say when I respond to an email inquiry is “Thanks for writing!”. Even if I can’t accept the case, it is rewarding to know that someone out there is reading these posts! So come on, don’t be shy, just tap me a line or two!

Keep safe (and keep reading me)!

Mike Bersani
Email me at: bersani@mbk-law.com I’d love to hear from you!

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