Central NY Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Describes Dangers Abroad

I love traveling to far flung places, and when I do I like to penetrate deep into the places’ streets and culture. Speaking several languages (English, Spanish and French) helps me delve into the culture and mindset.  But there are some things I never really “get” when I am abroad.

Take my recent trip to Morocco.  Lovely country. Stunning landscape.  Beautiful labyrinthine old walled cities (“Medinas”), home to mile after mile of colorful scent-laden souks and open market stands displaying gorgeous hand-crafted silverware, carpets, foods, spices, exotic dresses, handmade crafts, and zillions of other cool stuff. Gorgeous!

But as a humble Central New York injury lawyer, there was something more compelling that drew my attention — indeed my extreme caution:  Motorcycles.  They drove through the narrow crowded streets brushing by people and stalls as if they were slalom ski gates.  I was afraid that if my wife or I took just one small step left or right while admiring the goods in the stalls, a motorcycle from behind would bowl us down.  And, according to my Marrakesh taxi driver, that’s not an infrequent occurrence.  Marrakesh’s Medina produces on average 10 motorcycle-on-pedestrian collisions a day!

Just look at this youtube video and see what I am talking about:

Here’s what puzzles me:  Why do they put up with that dangerous situation?  Why don’t they outlaw motorcycles in the Medina? The topography is flat so bikes work just about as well, with far less risk.
My guess is they don’t have a vigorous tort law system like we do over here.  No insurance required for the motorcycles.  No personal injury verdicts to dissuade would-be motorcyclists. It’s pure legal bedlam.
So, Morocco, you’re a nice place to visit, but I wouldn’t want to live — or die — there.

Keep safe!

Mike Bersani

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