Another Fatal Central New York Snowmobile Accident

The Governeur Times reported yesterday that St. Lawrence County sheriff’s deputies are investigating a fatal snowmobile accident on the Tooley Pond Road near the River Road in the Town of Clifton. A 40-year old snowmobiler of Brownville, N.Y. was traveling north on the east side of Tooley Pond Road when he crossed onto the west side of the road, struck a snow bank and was ejected.

Most snowmobile accidents are caused by snowmobile operator error, usually involving excess speed. Most snowmobile accidents involve a smowmobile driver striking a fixed object, just like in this unfortunate accident, where the driver struck a snow bank.

Sometimes snowmobile accident victims are not at fault, or some other person is partially at fault. This Central New York snowmobile accident lawyer has blogged several times recently about snowmobile accident lawsuits in New York State. You can read all my snowmobile accident blogs, which include safety tips for snowmobiling, by clicking here, here, here and here

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