Black Friday Shopper Trampled — Central NY Personal Injury Attorney Explains Liability

As a Central and Syracuse New York accident lawyer, I had been expecting a story like this since last Friday. Why? Because last Friday was “black” Friday. Read on.

Today news sources report that a western New York man was injured, though thankfully not seriously, when he found himself on the bottom of a pile of bargain-crazed shoppers on Black Friday. The deal-hunters had stormed an entrance into a Buffalo Target store at its 4:00 a.m. opening
Target has promised to improve its “Black Friday crowd management plan” for next year.

And it had better. Black Friday can be dangerous. And much of the danger is created by stores not taking proper precautions. A New York store accident lawyer can hold them liable for injuries that result from this lack of care.

Although many retailers hire extra help to handle the massive onslaught of bargain-seekers, many do not do enough to manage the crowds. On Black Friday, stores need a crowd control plan, crowd control experts, and trained crowd control staff.

But paying for all that would cut into their huge black Friday profits! Boy, that sounds a lot like the closing argument I would give in a New York store-crowd accident lawsuit.

But it’s no joking matter. Just two Black-Fridays ago, a Walmart employee was trampled to death in New York.

Under New York store liability law, New York Store owners have a duty to keep their premises reasonably safe. So if they are advertising “amazing deals” to draw excited masses of shoppers into their stores, they are legally required to provide reasonably safety precautions to prevent crowd-produced injuries.

Keep safe!

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