BUSTED! NASCAR-Crazed Hit-and-Run Wacko, Who Played Bumper Cars with Unwitting Motorists in Ontario, Seneca and Wayne Counties, Has Been Charged!

This is an update on the crazy serial hit-and-run dude I talked about in two past blog posts.  Anyone interested in following the story (and believe me, it’s worth it!) who has not read those two prior posts should read them now by clicking here and here.

Long story short, a NASCAR-loving nut job had a nasty habit of plowing into other vehicles, always from behind, and always as the victim was moving forward.  He appears to have been using innocent motorists in Ontario, Wayne and Seneca Counties to enact fantasy NASCAR races. Here’s his homepage on Facebook:

Click and blowup the image above and you can see a few of his favorite things (mentally insert the song “these are a few of my favorite things” here):  NASCAR and death.

I was one of his victims (thankfully not of “death”, just of a full-contact NASCAR race).  But this time he picked the wrong guy!  (Insert additional tough-talking lawyer words here).   This lawyer isn’t afraid to take on the bad guys:

And isn’t afraid of taking a few licks:

Anyway, back to my story.  So the crazed NASCAR dude gave me the old “hit and run”, but I then ran him down and got his plates before I was ordered to stop my hot pursuit by a Seneca County 911 operator.

After the Seneca County Sheriff’s office declined to pursue any charges against him because they could not “put him behind the wheel” of the vehicle, I posted my first story about this, and got tipped off by my some readers that a similar pickup truck had done similar things to others in the area.  Same guy?  I wondered. I then researched similar “accidents” in nearby counties involving a similarly described pickup truck and hit the jackpot.  I then convinced law enforcement in different counties that the seemingly isolated incidents were in fact perpetrated by the same guy.  A State-wide investigation ensued. And now he is BUSTED. Both in Ontario and Seneca County (still haven’t heard from Wayne).

I got this Email today from the Seneca County Deputy Sheriff in charge of my case:

Hi Mr. Bersani:   

XXXXXXX was charged with Criminal Mischief 4th, Reckless endangerment 2nd, Reckless driving, speed not reasonable, following too close and leaving the scene of a property damage mv crash. He was arraigned in front of Judge Duffy in CAP Court on the 11th and ROR’d. His return date will be April 23rd at 1:30 pm in the Town of Tyre Court (1703 State Route 318, Waterloo). The ADA that I conferred with and who will be handling this case will be XXXXXXX.

If there is anything else that we can do for you please feel free to contact either myself or ADA XXXXX and I thank you for your patience on this case. It was a bit of an odd one, but I am glad that we were able to charge the man responsible for doing this to you.


Yes, it sure was an “odd one”.

The maximum penalty is one year in jail, but he has been charged with the same crimes for his Ontario County hit-and-run, which also carries a maximum one-year sentence. So the two convictions combined could give him two years behind bars.  Will that be enough time for him to kick his hit-and-run habit?  Only time will tell.  Will his hit-and-run withdrawal symptoms constitute cruel and unusual punishment?  I hope so.

Not really.  I just hope he learns his lesson.

I agree with those of my readers who have commented that I am a bit of a nut-job myself for having chased down this wacko through falling snow on slippery roads.  But if I hadn’t gotten his license plate number, and if I hadn’t posted my story and found out from some of my readers that a vehicle matching the same description had done the same thing to others, and if I hadn’t tipped off law enforcement in the various counties about these “coincidences”,  and if I hadn’t insisted that this hillbilly get charged, well, he’d still be out there ramming other people, maybe even YOU:

You faced with wacko hit-and-run guy

Ok, I’ll take the credit for saving your life.  No fee. Just think of me next time you need a persistent, thorough, kick-ass personal injury or car accident litigator!  And I can take on any case, no matter how big:

Keep safe!

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