Can Monkeys Bring Personal Injury Lawsuits in New York?

Meet my future client.

This week a New York judge granted two chimpanzees a hearing to challenge their confinement at Stony Brook University. Well, actually the judge granted the hearing to the chimps’ lawyers, who are said to be a bit more articulate than their clients.

The action was brought by “show cause order” on behalf of the chimps. This order, signed by the judge, requires the University to demonstrate why the chimpanzees should continue to be confined. The judge has not yet decided whether the chimps will get released.

The whole concept of animals having legal standing to sue may be the next frontier of legal evolution in this country. Think this will never happen? Hey, twenty years ago who would have thought that gays would gain the right to marry? It happened.

If and when monkeys are allowed to bring personal injury claims, it would be fun to be their New York personal injury lawyer. Or as the saying goes, it would be more fun than a barrel of monkeys. How would I dress my client for court? In a monkey suit, of course. Ok, no more monkey business. Back to work . ..! 🙂

Keep safe !

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