Canandaigua Youth Pledge Not To Text-And-Drive

I was glad to read yesterday in the Finger Lakes Times that more than 600 Canandaigua Academy students who attended the Distractive Driving Fair there signed a pledge to never text and drive. As a New York car accident lawyer representing victims of text-and-drive accidents, I can tell you that nothing has increased my case load more than the recent “text-and-drive” habits of the young. And as the father of a 17-year old driver, nothing is more frightening to me than this trend. Any parent whose kid has a smart phone can tell you how damn addicting those things are. Kids want to be constantly connected to their buddies through those devices. BUT BEHIND THE WHEEL IS AN UNACCEPTABLE PLACE TO STAY CONNECTED. Thanks Canandaigua youth for pledging not to tread down that dangerous path . . .

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Keep safe!

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