Central New York Bicycle Accident Lawyer: Be Safe on Your Bike

Today’s spring-like weather made me want to jump on my bike for the first time since last fall. Unfortunately, work got in the way! Still, I am looking forward to another cycling season.

Unfortunately, bicycle season for me also means calls from desperate injured bicyclists and their families. About 52,000 bicyclists per year are injured in the U.S., and about 800 are killed. Every year, several bicycle injury lawsuits in Syracuse and Central New York are filed. Usually these cyclists have suffered severe injuries from car-on-bicycle crashes. When a bike meets a car, guess who wins?

My experience handling bicycle crash cases has taught me that most bicycle crashes are the car driver’s fault. Usually, the driver simply fails to see the bicycle. Still, there are many things bicyclists can do to minimize the chances that they will get hit by a car. I urge you, fellow cyclists, to do everything you can to avoid becoming one of Central New York’s bicycle accident victims!

I recently found a great short video on bicycle safety produced by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Check it out (click below) before you go out for your first bike ride of the season. It’s a good review of bicycle safety rules. Have fun, and be careful out there.



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