Central New York Injury Lawyer: More on The New York State Thruway Dump Truck Crash

I blogged yesterday about a horrendous New York State Thruway accident near Manchester, New York injuring 17 people, most of them children. Here’s a brief recap: A dump truck driver tried to drive under the County Route 7 overpass with his truck box raised, causing the top of the truck box to strike the overpass, which in turn caused the box to dislodge from the truck, and land on the Thruway, where two vehicles full of people, mostly children, crashed into it. I said then that the dump truck driver was obviously at fault because he either “drove the truck without noticing that his truck box was raised, or else he thought he could pass through the underpass with it raised” and that either way he was liable.

I was right. Today the State Police issued the driver a ticket for driving the dump truck without a tilt-bed warning light that would have alerted the driver that his box was raised. Apparently, he did not realize it was raised. The warning light would have warned him. He broke the law by driving a dump truck without the warning light. He appears, therefore, to be at fault for this multi-car accident..

As I said in yesterday’s blog post, this is good news for all the very injured, some very young, car accident victims because the construction company the dump truck driver was working for will also be held liable for the car crash injuries he caused. The construction company will likely have a big insurance policy to compensate these serious car crash injuries.

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