Central New York Injury Lawyer Blogging Gives Way (sometimes) to Training.

Believe me, New York personal injury lawyers need their stress relief. And for me that means lots of vigorous exercise. Mostly I run and bike. I am training for a few short triathlons (swim-bike-run) this summer. I am participating in the Geneva, New York “Musselman” sprint triathlon as well as the Skaneateles, New York “Skinnyman triathlon race.

I wish I had time to train for the longer, “half-iron” triathlons, but with a wife, two kids, and a very busy personal injury law and medical malpractice New York law practice, I just don’t. I can get out for those 30-mile rides during the week, and for those 40 or 50 mile rides on the weekend (and I slip in a few 6-mile runs a week, and an occasional swim, too), but I just don’t have time for more. My family is important to me, so, gosh, I want to spend time with them, too!

This training has been eating into my blogging time, though. So far, I am happy to report (I think) that none of my readers is experiencing withdrawal symptoms!

Besides the blogging and the training, guess what — I have law work to do at the office! I am preparing for two trials this fall (yes – I start that far ahead of the trial date!). I am also keeping on top of my other accident cases, and am preparing my annual “New York Municipal Liability” update — a yearly presentation I give to other New York personal injury lawyers around the State to fill them in on changes in the law regarding suits against New York cities, counties, villages, towns and the State of New York itself.

So if my blogging falls short a bit this summer, I hope my readers will forgive me (and that they don’t thank me!).

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