Central New York Personal Injury Law Firm’s Year In Review

As 2012 comes to a close, it’s time to look back on this year’s successes at the Central New York personal injury law office of Michaels Bersani Kalabanka. Yes, we’re proud of our victories. They have allowed us to truly help people, people we have come to care about, people we have stood beside through thick and thin from the day they were injured until the day, sometimes years later, they finally tasted sweet justice. When, after a long struggle, we finally ring the bell of justice, we celebrate.

Although we fight for fair compensation in both small and big injuries cases, the big ones stand out because they are so life-altering. Without our efforts, many of those clients would sink into financial ruin. Those unfortunate few, those severely injured victims, are not just “down on their luck”, they are crushed by the overwhelming bad luck of having been at the wrong place at the wrong time in striking distance of the wrong wrongdoer. Not only can they no longer work to support their families, not only are they swimming in unpaid medical (and other) bills, but they must wake up in pain, drag themselves through the day in pain, and then lie down in pain again, only to relive the same pain again, and again, and again, every day of their lives. It’s like a horror-movie remake of “Groundhog Day“.

From our perspective, it’s amazing, even immoral, that the insurance carriers don’t pony up a fair settlement for these clients early on. Sadly, they often wait till the eve of trial to begin to make reasonable settlement overtures. Sometimes they only “see the light” or more accurately, feel the fear of a big verdict, at trial.

Here’s a few examples this year: After a week of trial, an insurance company finally tendered a fair settlement of $2.25 million to a 48-year old roofer with a severe and painful leg fracture that prevented him from working for the rest of his life. In another case, the widow and small child of a fallen firefighter finally achieved a fair settlement of $1.2 million from four defendants at trial. In another case, after two years of litigation, a 48-year old welder, whose car was flipped over in a rear-end collision, and who suffered a cervical herniation requiring surgery, finally was offered a fair settlement of $1.2 million.

We also got the children and wife of a victim of medical malpractice a half a million dollars for the E.R. room doctor’s negligence in failing to diagnose their father/husband’s aortic aneurysm, which led to his death. And we achieved a $1.9 million settlement for a 45-year old man who suffered permanent severe aggravation of a preexisting degenerative disk condition in his neck.

We had other settlements and verdicts, some large, some small, but in every single case, even in those that do not turn out as well as we would have liked, we did our very best for our clients. We think they know that. We think they like that. And that’s why they keep referring their friends and relatives to us. Thank you to all of our 2012 clients for trusting us, for believing in us, and for letting us fight for their justice.

Keep safe!

Mike Bersani
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