Central NY and Syracuse Accident Lawyer In Spain.

“Waiter, bring me a latte and a churro please.”

Your Central and Syracuse New York personal injury lawyer is writing this blog post from a quaint little café in Barcelona, Spain. I have come here to visit my daughter. It’s a lovely city. I’ll be here for two weeks. It’s good to get away from the office for a while.

If I am handling your New York personal injury case, don’t worry! I have not dropped the ball in your case! Modern technology allows me to handle it from here. The technology lawyers have at their disposition these days is dazzling. These days I can read all my files from my laptop from anywhere in the world! I just click a few icons and I am into my law office server in Auburn, NY, where my electronic files are stored. I can read every piece of mail, pleadings and deposition transcripts, on all my New York personal injury cases. My adept staff scans my mail into my files daily, so I can read all my new mail, new pleadings, etc. I can then email draft responses to my staff, review the drafts and approve them, all while sipping a Latte in this quaint little cafe in Barcelona.

I can even stay in touch with my clients from here, through email.

About the only thing I can’t do from here is appear in court. I still haven’t figured out how to do that from my laptop. But, hey, who knows, technology may be coming soon that allows me to Skype into court from anywhere in the world. The way technology is advancing, I wouldn’t be surprised!

“Excuse me Judge — waiter, another latte please! As I was saying your honor . . .”

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