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Do not — I repeat, do NOT – drop the F-bomb on a cop while he is arresting you for homicidal drunk driving after you have just killed a teenager.

That’s exactly what a Syracuse homicidal drunk driver did at Destiny USA. The crash happened at Hiawatha Boulevard and Solar Streets, at the entrance to Destiny USA. He had just gone through a red light and struck the side of a car carrying two teenagers. The teenage driver was killed and the passenger wounded. When the cops arrived on the scene, he explained the accident – in a drunken stupor – like this: “they pulled out in front of me, (f-bomb) them”. He also told the officer to “go (f-bomb) yourself” when asked to submit to a blood test for alcohol content. He is facing up to 25 years of prison if convicted, but I say they should tag on an extra ten for hubris. The guy has had three drunken driving charges in the past five years.

There was a hearing just the other day to see if the statements he made–including the F bombs — can be entered into evidence against him in his criminal trial. His lawyers argued that they should not because none of the officers read the defendant his rights before the sobriety test or in the ambulance. The judge decided the remarks can be used at trial. Can’t say I disagree with that ruling.

My heart goes out to the families of his many victims. As for the perpetrator? (F-bomb) him!

Keep safe!

Mike Bersani
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