Central NY Injury Lawyer Invited to Speak to NY Judges about His Recent Article

This Auburn New York personal injury lawyer has a new feather in his cap. I have been invited to speak at a state-wide meeting of New York Court of Claims judges in Cooperstown, NY on September 26. It appears that several judges read my recent article, which recently appeared in the New York Bar Law Journal, on the topic of “governmental immunity”, and want to hear me talk on the subject.

Governmental immunity is hot button topic for New York personal injury lawyers and judges. The “governmental immunity defense” can be raised by any governmental agency that is sued for personal injuries, including the State.

The Court of Appeals (New York’s highest Court) has recently come down with a series of rulings that tilts the playing field of this defense in favor of the government at the expense of victims of the government’s negligence. (That’s what I wrote about). Since Court of Claims judges preside over all personal injury claims brought against the State of New York, it is easy to see why the judges want to hear from me.

There are three adjectives that describe New York’s governmental immunity law: convoluted, byzantine and labyrinthine (I couldn’t decide which one of those adjectives to use so I used them all!). In my article, I try to simplify and clarify the law while explaining the new Court of Appeals rulings.

So how will I feel telling a room full of New York judges (some of whom I will be appearing before on my personal injury cases) what the law is and how to apply it in their Court rulings? This time I have only one adjective:


Keep safe!

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