Central NY Injury Lawyer Update on Tonawanda DuPont Plant Explosion

Further news reports indicate that the injured and killed worker were not employed by DuPont, as I had indicated in my earlier blog post, but rather by another company, an outside contractor. This means that a New York workplace explosion lawsuit against DuPont for failure to provide a safe workplace will not be barred by workers’ compensation law.

The welding equipment was apparently attached to an outside storage tank that had been taken out of service. The tank previously housed a chemical known as polyvinyl fluoride, or PVF, which is used as.a coating for solar panels.

Since the cause of the explosion is still unknown, a New York explosion lawyer would have to hire an explosion expert to investigate. From my experience handling explosion cases, I can say that this explosion must have been caused by some negligence on the part of DuPont of the supplier of the chemical or tank. Explosions like this just don’t happen. Carelessness and mistakes make them happen.

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