Central NY Pedestrian Killed By Driver Looking At Cell Phone

It happened again. I think I have blogged at least 5 times within the last six months about this happening. It seems to be happening with greater and greater frequency. In fact, as a Central and Syracuse New York car accident lawyer, I am handling more and more of this kind of case.

What am I talking about? I am talking about Central and Syracuse New York car accidents caused by drivers distracted by texting, phoning or looking at their electronic devices.

The latest distracted driving accident? The Post Standard reports that a driver admitted he had been checking a missed call on his cell phone when his vehicle swerved off onto the shoulder of Route 5 and struck a woman who was out walking her dog on Route 5 in the Town of Sullivan (near Chittenango). When he looked back up from his cell phone, he saw the woman hitting his windshield.

The lesson we should all take from this tragic accident comes right from the mouth of the driver., who told police, “I should have just waited until I got home to look at my phone and then none of this would have happened”.

Slam dunk central new york wrongful death car accident case for the victim’s husband (who was walking right next to her)? Yes. Will the driver’s insurance company pay the husband the policy limit? Certainly. But this driver has to live with having killed a woman, and is also almost certainly going to jail for it.

Don’t let this happen to you! Learn from others’ mistakes! Remember the words of this man, who will almost certainly now be charged with vehicular manslaughter, “I should have just waited . . . “

Be safe!

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