Central NY Personal Injury Lawyer Becomes A Teetotaler

I have blogged about the Tea Party before, and here I go again. While many of the positions of the Tea Party are not my cup of tea, I strongly align with the Party on one particular issue: The right to a civil jury trial. It’s in our Bill of Rights, and it’s one of the most important rights we have.

I know what you’re thinking: Of course you’re for it because, as a New York personal injury lawyer, it’s your bread and butter. Yes, I am biased. But I’m also right!

Don’t take it from me. Take it from the Tea Party founding father, Judson Philips. In his most recent blog on the subject, he points out that the hallmark of American democracy is our “classless society”. Everyone is treated equal under the law. We are unique on this planet in that our court doors open wide enough to allow even the poorest citizen to sue the richest corporation for injuries and other wrongs they inflict on us.

As he further points out, if “tort reformers” have their way, the ugly head of classism will wedge Americans apart, denying the most vulnerable their Constitutional right to a civil jury trial.

Top three memorable quotes in his blog post: (1) “Corporations do not want regular people to be able to sue them”. Of course not! (2) “Corporations claim that any lawsuit they lose is a frivolous lawsuit”. So true! And I might add that they never regard their frivolous defenses as frivolous. (3) “The ultimate goal of many of these ‘Tort Reform’ advocates is to make it impossible for lawyers to file lawsuits for the average citizen”. You got it!

I usually drink coffee in the morning, but this morning I think I’ll enjoy a cup of tea . . .

Keep safe!

Mike Bersani
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