Epidural Steroid Injections — Lots Of Risk For Little Benefit

When I recently read about the wave of fungal Meningitis afflicting steroid spinal injection recipients, I thought, “I hope our clients are safe”! The rash of Meningitis from steroid injections has so far killed 14 and made another 156 ill. But others who have recently received the injections are holding their breath — they too could get sick and die.

Many of our back and neck-injury clients have taken, or are taking, steroid epidural injections hoping for some relief from unremitting back or neck pain.

Unfortunately, most get only temporary, minor relief. And for this very insignificant relief they subject themselves to very significant risks, including nerve damage, strokes and paralysis, and now Meningitis.

Why these risk? Well, for one thing, doctors don’t always administer the shots correctly. The doctor is supposed to poke the needle into the epidural space just outside the spinal column. But the doctor’s hand is not infallible; on rare occasions the needle can go astray, and the drug can be injected into the spinal fluid or arteries, causing nerve damage, hemorrhaging or death to the nerves.

I know my clients are really, really in pain when they are willing to get spinal epidural injections. It ain’t fun having a doctor poke a needle into your spinal area after he explains to you the risks of nerve damage, strokes and paralysis.

Why do they put themselves through it? Desperation! Constant pain drives you to try whatever gives you even a faint hope of relief.

If only I could take away their pain! Instead, all your Central New York personal injury lawyer can do is get them money, which they often need to get by on while they recover, and which they always deserve as compensation for what the careless defendant has put them through.

Keep safe!

Mike Bersani
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