Falling Ice Liability — A New Solution By A North Syracusan!

This Central New York personal injury lawyer blogged a few weeks ago about building owners’ liability for falling icicles and ice. Those big pointy slabs of ice can kill people, and the building’s owner can be held liable for negligence in failing to remove them or prevent them from forming.

Now you godda love this guy from North Syracuse, who invented and patented his own do-it-yourself icicle remover. The story, as reported in the Syracuse Post Standard, is that he came across the idea of his “deicicler” while having a hard time knocking icicles off his roof. Hit the link and take a look at it. It is basically a lightweight flat shovel, but with holes in it to encircle the icicles and pull them down.

I am hoping this will be a safe way for do-it-yourselfers to remove icicles from their homes and stores. This is not only great protection against liability, but also will prevent the ice from damning up, getting under your shingles, and ruining your roof.

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