Heroism Saves Life in Palmyra New York Head-On Motor Vehicle Collision

True heroism is rare. Strictly speaking, sports figures are not “heroes”. In order to be a true “heroe”, you must risk your own life to save someone else’s.

This past June 10th, two true local heroes saved a life, all while risking their own. Joseph and Anna Buttaccio of Newark were just passing by on Route 31 in the Town of Palmyra when they saw a head-on collision between two cars. One of the cars then left the roadway and burst into flames. Disregarding risk to their own lives, the two heroes reached into the burning wreck and dragged the driver to safety. They suffered burn injuries themselves, but, fortunately, they don’t appear to be serious.

The driver whose life they saved was air-lifted to Strong Hospital, where he remains in guarded condition. He suffered not only severe burn injuries, but also a traumatic head injury, including a fractured skull. Although this driver appears to have been at fault for the collision (he had crossed over into the oncoming car’s lane of travel), and may have to answer to criminal charges (the driver of the other car is very seriously injured, too), and will almost certainly be a defendant in a New York motor vehicle accident lawsuit, for now he should simply be grateful to be alive. And that he owes to the Buttaccios of Newark.

That’s why the Central New York personal injury and car accident lawyers of Michaels Bersani Kalabanka salute the Buttaccios of Newark for their true heroism..

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