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“Hey Fed Gov, Don’t Cut Bicycle Safety Out Of Your Transportation System!” Central and Syracuse NY Bike Accident Lawyer Says

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for bicyclists racing.jpgFellow New York Bicycle accident attorney Jim Read reports in his blog that a Bill making its way through congress would, if made law, remove bicycling from the federal transportation program. As Jim notes, it would set us bicyclists back many years in our efforts to get government roadway designers and planners to consider bicyclist safety when designing and upgrading roadways.

The Bill is called “the American Energy and Infrastructure Jobs Act“. Among other things, the proposed law would allow states to build bridges without safe access for pedestrians and bicycles and eliminate bicyclists’ status and standing in the planning and design of our transportation system. This heavily auto-biased program would also endanger funding for our safe paths, bike lanes and bikeways.

If you are a bicyclist and want to stand up for your rights, go here to find your local representative and send them an urgent message.

Keep safe!

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