Syracuse NY Bus Accident Lawyer Notes Surge In NY Bus Accidents

Hey, have you noticed a surge in New York bus accidents recently? Within the last few months I have blogged about several Central and Syracuse New York bus accidents. You can read those blogs here, here, and here . Then, just last week, a bus veered off Interstate 95 in the Bronx as it was returning to Chinatown (NY) from an overnight outing at a Connecticut casino. Witnesses, including survivors, dispute the driver’s claim that that a truck clipped the bus before it ran off the road.

The bus was carrying Asian immigrants back to Chinatown (NY) from a casino outing in Connecticut. Fifteen of them never made it home — they ended up dead instead. And they were just out to have some fun gambling. I’ll bet they had no idea they were gambling with their lives just by climbing aboard the bus. But they were: Turns out the bus driver had a history of driving offenses so significant that his license had been suspended. But there’s more; he had also served time for manslaughter and grand larceny.

Now you tell me, what kind of a bus company would hire a driver with felony convictions and a driving record the size of a phone book? Answer: A cheap, fly-by-night, profit-hungry one. You see, they can hire ex-cons with lousy driving records and suspended licenses on the cheap, which drives up their profit margin. Only problem is their customers end up getting killed. As long as they pay first, no problem, right?

My vote: Put the bus company owners in jail, after a fair trial, of course. (Don’t ask me to sit on the jury, cause I’ll convict them before opening statements.)

This is not an isolated, renegade bus company, either. Apparently, it is one of many that line the streets of Chinatown hawking cheap fares to Asian immigrants for overnight trips to nearby casinos and resorts.

All this makes me proud to be a Central and Syracuse New York bus accident lawyer (among other things). I’d love to sink my litigation teeth into one of those sleazy, greedy bus company owners at trial. Bring’m on!

Keep safe!

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