Honda To Takata: “You’re Fired”! Central NY Inujry Lawyer Explains.

In the TV smash hit “The Apprentice”, Donald Trump famously trumpets the words “you’re fired” when dismissing a contestant for failing to live up to his high job performance expectations.

Well, Trump isn’t the only one. Honda yesterday uttered those same words to Takata, the Japanese maker of the infamous defective shrapnel-shooting airbags.

Maybe it was “you’re fired” or maybe “Sayonara”.  But by any measure, Takata had a bad day yesterday. Longtime customer Honda dumped the company right after the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) slapped Takata with a $70 million penalty for failing to promptly disclose the dangerous defects in its airbags.

Anthony Foxx, the transportation secretary, summarized Takata’s lack-luster performance as follows: “Delay, misdirection and a refusal to acknowledge the truth allowed a serious problem to become a massive crisis.”

So, yes, Takata, “you’re fired”. But as the French say, it’s not adieu (goodbye) but rather aurevoir (see you later).  Yes, New York personal injury lawyers like me (and other lawyers from other states) will see you in court. We will sue you for your transgressions each and every time an innocent victim is seriously injured by your defective airbags. And we will sue not just for compensatory damages, but also for punitive damages since you knew of the danger but deliberately failed to disclose it or fix it.

Keep safe!

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