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I hate legal advertising. But for a New York personal injury lawyer these days, even the best, it’s tough to get by without advertising, at least some. That’s because a few lawyers have bombarded the airwaves, TV included, and billboards, with catchy names and easy-to-remember phone numbers. A lot of injured folks know those ads and numbers by heart, and the easiest thing to do when they are injured is to dial one of those numbers instead of investigating who the best lawyer for them might be.

For example, one Rochester New York personal injury lawyer has played off his surname, “Mattar”, because it rhymes with “car”. So if you are hurt in a car, call William Mattar.

I’m not so lucky. My surname, “Bersani“, does not rhyme with “car”. But hey — it DOES kinda rhyme with Ferrari. So what about an ad, “if you are hurt in a Ferrari, call Mike Bersani“. The problem is there are not enough Ferraris in central New York where I practice personal injury law. Should I move to Greenwich Connecticut?

But I am not totally luckless with my name. My first name has some potential. I could run ads for motorcycle or bicycle accidents: “If you are hurt on a bike, call Mike“. Most people would assume that if my parents named me “Mike” I must be a great lawyer if you are injured on a “bike“. After all, isn’t that why they assume William Mattar must be good at car accident cases?

Then there are some big-advertising Syracuse lawyers who call themselves, “The Heavy Hitters”. No one in my line of business thinks of them that way, but no matter. If you say it often enough apparently people will believe it. Since the moniker “Heavy Hitters” is already taken, I thought of advertising my firm as “the Medium Hitters“. Next best thing, right?

I have also considered running a series of ads proclaiming myself “Mike the Machete“. I envision a photo of my face superimposed over a muscular, naked torso, waiving a machete over my head. An insurance adjuster would then appear, his face contorted in fear, as he hands me a pile of money.

If you are unlucky enough to not have been given a name that rhymes with car, bike, construction accident, or slip-and-fall, maybe you have some other accident of birth that helps you advertise. For example, what if you just happen to be very good looking. That’s where the billboard above comes in. This is a real billboard advertising a pair of young, good looking California lawyers who just happened to be wearing tight-fitting pencil skirts with suspenders (nice touch!) and high heels when the photographer stopped by. It gets better. They call themselves “The Law Offices of Lady Justice”. Their phone number is 888-LADY-121. They advertise “open late and weekends“.

These ladies might get a lot of calls, but I’m not sure how many of the callers are looking for a lawyer . . .

On second thought, I think I’ll nix the “Mike the Machete” ad.

Keep safe!

Mike Bersani
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