In Oswego NY Wrongful Death And Personal Injury Case, Question Will Be, Did the Siren Sound?

Last week, on September 28, tragedy struck in Oswego. One fishermen died, another is in critical condition, and several others narrowly escaped death. The men were fishing near the Varick damn in the Oswego River in the City of Oswego.

Several dams, used to hold back water to generate electrical power, cross the Oswego River. The lower section of the river, where it empties into harbor, also offers great fishing. When the water is to be released, which causes a sudden rise in the river, a loud siren is supposed to sound to warn the fishers.

But did it sound? And did it sound at the right time?

One of the fishermen who escaped harm was quoted as saying, “there was no siren discernable in relation to we ought to get out of there . . . There were sounds earlier, 45 minutes or an hour earlier – there was nothing in line with the water rising.”

Toronto-based Brookfield Renewable Power Inc. operates the plant at the dam, and releases the water. A company spokesman says it has initiated an internal investigation focusing on, “when did [the siren] go off, how long did it go off and how many times did it go off.”

That’s surely the same questions the victims’ NY personal injury lawyer, Jim Reed (Elmira, NY), will be asking.

The City of Oswego will hold a public meeting Wednesday evening 6 at the EconoLodge to discuss ways to improve safety for fishers on the Oswego River.

We hope Jim can get to the bottom of this and win justice for his clients, if in fact Brookfield Renewable Power acted irresponsibly, negligently or otherwise failed in its important duty to warn fishermen of rapidly rising waters. Jim is a fine New York personal injury lawyer, and I am sure he will represent his clients with zeal and dedication.

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