Central NY Motorcycle Lawyer Spring Motorcycling Tip; Think “They All Want To Murder Me”!

In this balmy Central New York May, with the little snow that ever fell a distant memory, the biker’s feel that call of the wild — that desire to feel the wind in your face and hear the roar between your butt and the road. Motorcyclists all over Central New York are dusting off their bikes, revving up their motors, and checking their tire pressure.

But special dangers lurk on the roads in spring. Residual salt and sand might be found at corners, intersections and even on the main roads and highways. Stopping or turning too fast on sand can make you slide, fall, lose control or cross over into the oncoming lane.

Here’s another danger: Over the long winter, those four-wheeled drivers have forgotten what a two-wheel vehicle looks like. Or at least lost the habit of looking out for them. Wise advice: Ride as if every motorist is out to murder you. Just believe it! You will thus avoid them at every opportunity, and you will be doubly happy if they turn out to have no such murderous intent.

One more piece of advice: Look out for novice bikers. With gas prices through the roof, some four-wheeled drivers will be learning to move on two — kind of like tadpoles crawling from the pond and growing lungs, or baby robins taking their first flight. Those first few hops, or flaps, can be clumsy and — well — dangerous for them and those around them (you!).

In sum, when you hit the road this spring, don’t let it hit you. Live on the edge — the scared, defensive, they’re-all-out-to-get-me edge— and it just might save your life.

Keep safe!

Mike Bersani
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