Mom Gives Birth While Driving — Now THAT”S “Distracted Driving”!

I have written several blog posts about “distracted driving” – motorists driving while texting and driving while talking on their cell phones. (See those posts by clicking here, here, here and here). As I said in those blog posts, distracted driving is quickly becoming a leading cause of motor vehicle accidents, and of auto injury lawsuits, not only in Central New York and Syracuse, but all over the U.S. But this latest story brings “distracted driving” to a new level:

Last Wednesday, an expecting Minnesota mother felt labor pains, jumped in her car, picked up the father (who does not drive because he is prone to seizures) at work, and was heading straight to the hospital when the baby — well —- just “slipped out”. She GAVE BIRTH while driving herself to the hospital! The baby’s father helped by steering the car from the passenger’s seat. After birth, the mother had the father steer the car, again from the passenger seat, to the hospital. It appears that mom and newborn both checked out fine.

Now that’s what I call distracted driving — both by mom and dad!

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