Motorcycle Miracle Man Crashes and Lands in Back Seat of Convertible

When I read the Syracuse Post Standard’s report of this recent Central New York motorcycle accident, I thought perhaps I had accidentally jumped to the movie review section of the paper and was reading about a slapstick comedy. The accident happened on Route 31 in Lakeport, New York. The motorcyclist collided into the back of a Chevrolet Cavalier convertible stopped and waiting to turn left at the intersection with Coulter Cove Road. Upon impact, the motorcyclist flew off his bike and landed in the backseat of the convertible. The driver of the convertible was quoted as saying, “the next thing you know there was this big crash, and I felt something on the back of my head”. Her daughter, the passenger, then said, “mom, there’s something in the backseat”. When the driver turned around, she saw the motorcyclist lying in the back seat with his feet on her head.

I have handled a lot of Central New York motorcycle accident cases, but never one like that! Sounds more like a cartoon than an actual accident. I guess you can find humor in anything, even in motorcycle accidents, as long as no one is seriously injured.

What caused the motorcycle to rear-end the car? The biker was adjusting his bike’s mirror and didn’t notice the stopped vehicle. Lesson to be learned: Adjust your mirror BEFORE you start driving your motorcycle. Never be distracted behind the wheel of a car, or the handlebars of your bike.

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