Motorcyclists In Syracuse And Central New York Can Pray And Use Common Sense To Avoid Accidents

Now that spring is finally here, motorcycles are, too. This Syracuse and Central New York motorcycle accident lawyer knows — I’ve already gotten a few calls about motorcycle accidents.
If you ride a bike, maybe God can keep you safe. It seems that many bikers think so. On April 27, the American Bikers Aimed Toward Education (ABATE) revved up the season with the traditional “Blessing of the Bikes” at St. Daniel’s Church in Lyncourt. With over 1,500 central New York motorcyclists in attendance, Monsigner Eugene Yennock took about an hour to bless each bike.

ABATE does good work – they promote bike safety in Syracuse and Central New York and beyond, and they sponsor the Blessing-of-the-Bikes ceremony, too. But you don’t need divine intervention to avoid motorcycle accidents.

Don’t get me wrong – invoking protection from above can’t hurt – but common-sense riding can avoid many accidents. Most central New York motorcycle-on-car collisions happen when the car (or truck) driver fails to yield the right-of-way to the biker, or just fails to see him. So stay visible, and I would recommend audible, too. Ride a loud bike if you can, keep your light on, and, hey, why not, wear bright clothing.

Aggressive driving is always just plain dumb – no matter what you are driving – but when your vehicle is a motorcycle, well, that’s beyond dumb – it’s suicidal. Hey, do you have a death wish? If you do, just keep driving that machine like a macho-man.

The other day I read that, in my home town of Geneva, New York, the police gave chase to a motorcyclist going 100 miles per hour on a City street — Genesee Street – which is a 30-mile-per-hour street. The chase was so dangerous the cops gave it up, and the bone-headed biker got away. But how much longer will his luck last? Eventually he will end up as a hood ornament on an on-coming car, or like one of those witches you see at Halloween time crashed into a tree.

Hey, if that happens to you, while you are going 100 miles per hour in a 30 mile-per-hour zone, don’t bother calling me. But if you are the victim of the negligent driving of someone else, or of bad road design or maintenance, give this Syracuse motorcycle lawyer a shout and we’ll try to help you get your life back together.

Keep safe!

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