New Play In NYC About A Medical Malpractice Case — It All Rings True to Central New York Medical Malpractice Lawyers

The New York Times reported today on a new play, titled “Love Alone“, about a fatal surgical medical mistake, and how it affected the family of the deceased victim, and the doctor who blew it. Although I haven’t seen the play (yet), the story line rings true to how medical malpractice spins its ugly web. Here’s how:

At first, the family does not know a medical error was responsible for their loved one’s death, and, of course, no one at the hospital tells them. This sure rings true!

Then the daughter, who finds it odd that her mother died during such a routine surgical procedure, gets a hold of the intraoperative report, which, strangely, is missing pages. This rings true, too. Just ask any New York medical malpractice lawyer about the kinds of strange erasures and missing pages that show up in some medical records.

The suspicious daughter hires a New York medical malpractice lawyer, who discovers – surprise, surprise – that, yes, the victim died from a medical error during surgery. A lawsuit is then in the making. This, of course, rings true, too.

And I might add that many, many medical malpractice lawsuits could be avoided if the doctor simply admitted the mistake and apologized for it. Many of our medical malpractice clients come to us because they are so upset at being lied to or because no one bothered to apologize.

The play also reveals how medical malpractice can affect the at-fault doctor. Here, the surgeon who killed the patient is shown to be worried about her possible culpability in her patient’s death, but is equally concerned about protecting her professional reputation. I would add that too often the latter concern seems to outweigh the former!

Two of my partners and I are heading to the Big Apple in a few weeks for a law conference. Maybe we can scoop up some tickets for this play?! Dave, Jan, what do you say?

Keep safe!

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