New Year’s Resolution Idea From Central NY Car Accident Lawyer — Throw The Cell Phone Or Smart Phone In Your Trunk

Having trouble finding a New Year’s resolution? Let me help. Forget about losing weight. Been there done that — or not!. That commitment usually lasts for only a few weeks. Here’s one you might be able to stick with, and that could save your life:

Promise yourself that, beginning January 1, you’ll start throwing your smart phone or cell phone in the TRUNK of your car whenever you drive. Don’t just commit to not using your smart or cell phone — as long as it’s sitting next to you and on, you will. If you don’t believe me, and think you can resist the temptation of answering the phone while you are driving, or of sneaking a peak at an incoming email or text message when you hear that little “beep” , take a look at this New York Times article, titled “U.S. Safety Board Urges Cellphone Ban for Drivers“. The article cites to several well-researched studies proving that smart phones and cell phones are every bit as addictive — and as dangerous to your health when you drive with them — as cigarettes.

Why can’t you resist the urge to answer, or to check that text message? Because you have a well-rooted, natural human urge to interact with other humans, especially when you are isolated and deprived of their company – as when you are alone behind the wheel.

And hands-free phones — while still legal in New York — probably won’t be for long, given that all reputable studies show such use of your phone is just as dangerous as hands-on.

The only safe use of cell phones or smart phones while driving is NO use of them at all. And the only way that will ever happen is if you turn it off, or throw it in the truck where you can’t access it.

Keep safe!

Mike Bersani
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