New York Car Seat Inspections Reveal Most Kids Are Not Safely Placed in Car Seat.

I sometimes wax nostalgic about the “good old days” when my boys were toddlers: The petting zoos, the living-room wrestling matches, the cute things they would say. But one thing I definitely do NOT miss is struggling with car seats. What a pain! And I was never sure I had them in right.

Well, I was right to be unsure. Results from recent child car seat inspections throughout New York State revealed that out of 931 random car seats inspected only 112 seats were installed correctly. That’s only 12%!  Nevertheless, most parents — 96% to be exact — BELIEVED they had their kids correctly installed in the car seat.

What was wrong with the car seat installation? In some cases, the seats didn’t fit the child, in others they weren’t fitted in tight enough, in still others they were installed or positioned incorrectly.

Well parent, are you worried yet? Good. Now do something about it. Go to You will learn some important fact there, like the fact that fatal injuries are reduced by 71 percent when child safety seats are used. More important, the website offers a free New York State child safety seat inspector locator program.

Last year 375 such events were held. That’s the only way you can know for sure you are using the car seats in the right way to best protect your little sweeties.  So don’t assume — like 96% of parents do — they you are doing it right.  Make SURE you are doing it right.  Get it checked.  Take it from a lawyer who represents New York car accident victims — you can’t afford to be wrong about this.

Keep safe!

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