New York Playground Accident Lawyer Discusses Recent New York Times Article

I love the New York Times. Read it every day. That doesn’t mean I always agree with it. And here’s a great example.

A recent article by John Tierny explains that some playground “researchers” question the value of safety-first playgrounds. The researchers claim that, while it is “debatable” whether modern safety-minded playgrounds protect children from injuries, they hurt children by “stunting emotional development.” These academics believe that taking “risks”, such as the risk of falling from heights, is an important part of developing a healthy psyche. According to one of these head-in-the-clouds academics- a professor of Psychology – we should bring back the days of sky-high slides and jungle gyms, and see-saws too, because, while falls are common, “these rarely cause permanent damage”, and getting rid of those risks makes playgrounds boring and deprives kids of the opportunity to grow emotionally.

No offense Professor, but this sounds like bull_ _ _ _. And I have to wonder whether your research was funded by municipal insurers. Where’s your proof? The article doesn’t say.

Here’s the truth about modern playgrounds: Modern, shorter equipment and enclosed climbing zones have prevented countless falls. Soft rubber or woodchip landing zones, which have replaced skull-fracturing pavement, have made the fewer injuries there are much less severe. Scrapping traditional seesaws, spinning devices, and too-tall slides and jungle gyms have saved young lives. Well-reasoned federal guidelines and modern playground safety standards set by manufacturers have kept the fun in playgrounds while reducing the tragedies, heartaches and loss.

And yes, you can thank us New York personal injury playground lawyers for that. We forced these changes by making playground owners — mostly schools and municipal governments – compensate our clients for their dangerously designed equipment. Personal injury playground lawyers all over the U.S. have raised the bar for safety, but New York personal injury lawyers have led the charge.

Personal injury lawyers save lives. Next time you are at a playground with your kids, admire the safe design, the soft surface, the enclosed climbing area and the shorter climbs. Then raise your arms to the sky and say, “thank you New York personal injury lawyers!”. And, god forbid, if your child is injured, call me and we will look into whether an unsafe design feature was a factor in causing it.

Keep safe!

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