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New York Ratchets Up Penalty For Texting While Driving

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for texting and driving.jpegGov. Cuomo justified the new law (not that he needed to) by stating the obvious: Texting while driving is a growing problem, especially among young drivers.

How do we know? The number of texting-while-driving tickets issued has soared, from about 3,500 in 2011 to 30,000 in 2012. And those are just the ones who got caught! The average age of the drivers caught is only 26.

How else do we know? Just ask me. Among my New York personal injury case load, texting-while-driving cases are growing. Rear-enders are prominent. Most offenders are young. The texting offender never suspects the guy he is following is going to stop in the middle of the road to turn into a driveway.

Cuomo has also proposed a law suspending new drivers’ licenses for 60 days if they are convicted only once of texting while driving.

We at Michaels & Smolak applaud governor Cuomo for ratcheting up the penalties for texting while driving. Texters — kill your habit because your habit kills.

Keep safe!

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