NY Bus Accident Lawyer Update on Whitney Point, NY Tour Bus Accident

Since my last post on this Cortland area tour bus accident, news sources indicate that 28 of the 30 passengers on the bus were from Poland, and that, fortunately, most appear to have suffered only minor injuries. Police say heavy rain was falling at the time the bus left the roadway, and that the driver appears to have been going too fast for such conditions.

As I said in my last post, this is the third tour bus accident this summer in Central New York. Enough already! Let’s be more careful everyone.

Under New York motor vehicle accident law, a bus driver, and his employer, are liable for injuries caused at least in part by speed that was excessive for the prevailing weather conditions, even if the bus’ speed was below the posted speed limit. Reasonable drivers slow down on wet roads. Some tour bus operators have been known to put concerns about keeping to a fixed schedule, and avoiding delays, ahead of safety. Safety should always come first.

We have also learned from recent news releases that the bus company is Princeton Holdings, operating under the name “Amerpol Tours” out of Pennsylvania. The bus departed from Niagara Falls and was heading to Trenton, New Jersey.

Tour Bus Drivers — Safety First, please!

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