NY Personal Injury Law Firm Offers Free NY Auto Insurance Review!

We made this offer in our latest Newsletter and had a solid response from our readers. So we are now offering it to our blog readers as well:

We are offering all our NY State readers a free auto insurance review.  Why? We see it time and time again. A client comes to us with severe personal injuries suffered in a car accident. The at-fault driver has only minimal car insurance, not enough to cover all the lost income or medical expenses. Our client’s hard-earned finances are wiped out. Sometimes they need to go on welfare. You can’t get water from a rock. So if the guy who hits you does not have enough insurance, and he has no real assets to go after, you are stuck between a rock and a hard place. UNLESS you have had the foresight to buy the right kind of insurance yourself. And buying it is not expensive. It’s just a matter of knowing what to buy. You just need a little advice on how to structure your insurance policy.

Time out. Here’s a quick quiz: Do you know what SUM (Supplemental Underinsured Motorist) coverage is? What about “spousal coverage”? How about “APIP” (additional personal injury protection) If you don’t, you need to talk to us. In our experience, many insurance agents do a very poor job of educating their clients about choices in insurance policies. They often want to take your money without doing the work it takes to get you the right protection.

That’s why we are offering anyone who brings us, or mails or emails us, his or her auto insurance policy a FREE car insurance review. Seriously free, no strings attached. This is a public service, not a gimmick. We don’t sell insurance. Just send your auto policy to us or email it to bersani@mbk-law.com. We will give you our advice on whether you need to change anything in your insurance policy within a week. Then you can call your own insurance agent and discuss it with him or her.

As personal injury attorneys, it is our job to help seriously injured people get fair compensation so they can get back on their feet after an accident. But if you don’t have the right insurance, that is sometimes impossible. Let us help you help yourself. Let us review your auto insurance policy for FREE!

Keep safe!

Mike Bersani

Email me at: bersani@mbk-law.com                   I’d love to hear from you!

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