Say Goodnight to Drowsy Driving! Central and Syracuse NY Car Accident Lawyer Explains

Drowsy driving kills thousands of people in the United States each year. We’ve all been there:  You are driving down a boring interstate highway at night.  You start to nod off and, just when you about to enter la la land, you “snap out of it” and clutch the wheel, your heart racing.  Scary, huh? And you were one of the lucky ones.  Other drivers, succumbing to the sirens of sleep, crash and burn.

But a new device being developed may keep drivers like you awake and save your life. Here’s how it works:

A Bluetooth headset fits on one ear and points an infrared sensor toward the eye to detect blinking. (See photo). The driver’s blinking frequency indicates drowsiness. The data is transmitted by Bluetooth to a smartphone. If the sensor detects drowsiness, the headset vibrates, flashes and beeps to alert — and awaken — the sleepy driver.

Simple, right? The device has not been perfected and is not on the market yet, but one day it will be.

But the creator of this device had better hurry up if it wants a return on its investment:  Self-driving cars will be taking over our roads within a decade. When cars are driving people, and not visa versa, the would-be “drivers” can just snooze away without the need for the new device.

Either way, car rides are going to get safer.  And that’s good news for everyone.  Yes, even for me, a guy who makes his living — in large part — suing for car accident injuries.  Hey — I’m a driver, too.  My commute is going to get safer just like yours.  My bank account may get smaller, but hey, small price (I hope) to pay for safety!

Keep safe!

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