Central NY Medical Malpractice Lawyer Discusses Seattle Doc Suspended for Sexting During Surgeries

Sexting during surgery? Ya godda be kidding . . .!

I blogged a few weeks ago about doctors who got into trouble for texting or surfing the web while attending to patients, even during surgery. That was incredible enough, but now a Seattle surgeon has been caught, and suspended, for SEXTING during surgery. The anesthesiologist sent 64 sex-texts during seven surgeries, mostly C-sextions – oops, I meant “sections”.

You might ask yourself, so, what’s the difference between SEXTING and TEXTING? Isn’t the distraction the same? Well, no, in my humble opinion, it’s not. Sexting is even more distracting (not that I would know from personal experience of course) because it involves both brains (guys, you know what I mean). Sexual arousal simply has to count as an additional distraction, above and beyond the mere mental distraction of texting, at least in my book.

Do I have any science to back me up? No. But I’ll bet it wouldn’t be difficult to find volunteers to participate in such an experiment. In fact, I know of a Seattle anesthesiologist who is currently unemployed and would thus have plenty of time on his hands to take part in this important research . . .

If any of my readers ever find out they were the victims of a sexting surgeon, be sure to call me. I’ll send him this text: “Dear Doctor: Sorry for interrupting your sexting. We are going to sue your pants off. That is, if they are not off already.”

Keep safe!

Mike Bersani
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