No Tort Law = Sidewalk Hell (CNY Injury Lawyer Explains . . .)

——————– As my regular readers know, I was in Guatemala for the last few days taking deposition testimony. Why so far away to take testimony? I blogged about that here.

I love Guatemala. Beautiful country, weather and people. But some things are definitely better in the U.S. For example, the sidewalks in Guatemala City are treacherous. How treacherous? Take a look at these photos I took all within a few blocks of my hotel. And that’s the best section of Guatemala City!

Traveling to a country like Guatemala makes me appreciate U.S. “tort laws”, that is, the laws that allow us to sue for money damages if we are injured. These laws are necessary to keep us safe. If the laws are stripped from the books (as “tort reformers” would have it), there is no financial incentive for companies and others to keep things safe.

In Guatemala, unlike in the U.S., there is hardly any tort law. For example, you can’t sue your local municipality (city, town, village, etc.) for poor maintenance of sidewalks or for creating defects there. If they leave a gaping hole in the sidewalk and you trip or fall in, tough bananas!

Still think tort law is a bad thing? Still want “tort reform”? Take a good look at these photos and think again . . .

Keep safe!

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