Syracuse Medical Malpractice Claims May Be Reduced By New Welch Allyn Invention

Syracuse New York medical malpractice, like medical malpractice everywhere, is by definition avoidable. And any new medical procedure or device that helps avoid such errors is a godsend — especially to the patient who, thanks to the new procedure or device, avoids becoming one of the many victims of medical malpractice.

A new Syracuse-area invention may pave the way for a significant reduction in Syracuse medical malpractice claims, and eventually medical malpractice claims elsewhere. The Syracuse Post Standard reports that Welch Allyn, a Skaneateles-based manufacturer of medical equipment, has brought to market its “electronic vitals documentation system”, which does the work of three machines, by recording (1) oxygen levels, (2) temperature and (3) blood pressure. These vital signs are then automatically stored into the device’s computer, where they can be instantly viewed by other medical personnel from their Blackberries or computers.

This machine avoids the possibility of human error because no one has to handwrite or type the vital signs — the machine automatically records them. Currently, many medical errors occur when nurses or medical professionals handwrite the vitals data incorrectly (or illegibly) on a piece of paper, and then later type the wrong numbers into the computer. Such errors can lead to serious consequences for the patient, including death.

The new three-in-one vitals documentation machine is already being used at Syracuse’s St. Joseph’s hospital. It could one day become the norm in hospitals throughout the world.

Any medical invention that reduces the opportunity for medical mistakes is welcome news for patients and doctors. The Syracuse medical malpractice attorneys at Michaels Bersani Kalabanka applaud Welch Allyn for this life-saving invention.

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