Texting and Cell-phoning While Driving in Syracuse New York Leads to Many Tickets and Possible Syracuse Car Accident Lawsuits

I recently blogged about an upcoming federally funded crackdown on cell-phoning and texting while driving that was to take place in Syracuse. Well, the first stage of the crackdown happened, and many motorists were caught in the police net.

The Syracuse Post Standard reports that local law enforcement agents issued a total of more than 2,000 tickets during the 10-day (April 8 through 18) texting-and-phoning-while-driving ticket-issuing spree. The penalty if you plead guilty? Up to a $150 fine plus an $80 surcharge, for a grand total of $230.

Watch out! There are two more texting and phoning-while driving crackdowns scheduled for the last week of July and starting October 7.

And by the way, if you are driving while texting or using your cell phone, and the worst thing that happens to you is a ticket with a fine, you are pretty lucky. Imagine the guilt, shame, and possible financial peril you will suffer if you end up striking a pedestrian or crashing into another vehicle and causing serious injury or death while using your phone or while texting? I can almost guaranty you this: You will be sued by a Syracuse New York car accident lawyer. And guess what? That lawyer will likely have a slam dunk case against you! You’d better check your insurance coverage and make sure there is plenty of it if you plan to continue using your phone or texting while driving.

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