Thanksgiving and Black Friday Accidents

Thanksgiving is this Central New York injury lawyer’s favorite holiday. Why? Because I love good food, and good company, but don’t like the complicated and expensive business of gift giving.

Although Thanksgiving is a holiday, unfortunately, it is not a holiday from accidents. In fact, there are more accidents on Thanksgiving than on other days. Primarily, car accidents. People drink too much, then they drive. Crash. Don’t do it!

Tis the season for slip-and-fall and trip-and-fall accidents, too. Black Friday means packed stores, with shoppers tripping over objects left in aisles, or slipping on liquid spills.

And I already blogged about black Friday trample accidents here:

Black Friday Shopper Trampled — Central NY Personal Injury Attorney Explains Liability

Hey, enjoy the bird and pie, and your loved ones and friends, but don’t drink and drive, and be careful in those packed stores, ok?

Keep safe!

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