The “Spirit” of the Holiday Season Does Not Include Drunk Driving

Like most people, I have been invited to several holiday-season parties this year. And like most people, I like to drink socially. But unlike most people, I am keenly aware of the destruction that drinking and driving can cause. Why? Because this Syracuse, Auburn and Geneva area motor-vehicle-accident lawyer represents seriously injured victims, and the families of deceased victims, of drunk driving in their claim for compensation for lost wages, medical expenses, pain and suffering, and other losses. Unfortunately, this year the “spirit of Christmas present” will most likely mimic the “spirit of Christmases past”; several central New Yorkers from the Syracuse and Finger Lakes areas will be injured or killed by drunken holiday revelers.

New federal traffic safety data proves once again that the daily death toll from drunk driving is higher during the holiday season than the rest of the year. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recently released data showing that, from 2001-2005, the average death toll per day from alcohol-related motor vehicle accidents in the U.S. was about 36 deaths, but that this average shot up to 45 during the Christmas season, and then catapulted to an astounding 54 deaths per day during the New Year celebrations.

As a result, the NHTSA has announced a nationwide crackdown on drunk driving for this holiday season. The campaign, whose slogan is “Over the Limit, Under Arrest”, is supported by a $7 million nationwide television and radio ad campaign, running from yesterday, December 16, through January 3. Expect local law enforcement to be out and about in force, especially during the evening hours, checking for drunk driving.

Don’t drink and drive this holiday season, or ever. A DWI arrest can ruin your life. A DWI accident can end your life, as well as those of innocent victims of your careless decision to drink and drive. Yes, it CAN happen to you. Find a designated driver, take a cab, or just don’t drink at holiday parties this year.

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